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Café Talks

Three rounds of 30-minute discussion sessions hosted on a dozen different topics.  Take this opportunity to talk with both presenters and others working in the area of soil health.  There will also be a virtual hallway where attendees can relax and catch up with others on whatever topic they’d like.

December 8

All day

Virtual Hallway 

Open for any to drop in

December 9

All day

Virtual Hallway 

Open for any to drop in

Soil Biology Function

Caley Gasch (NDSU), Julianne Racine (NDSU Extension LaMoure Co.), Susan Samson-Liebig (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Soil and Water

December 8

11:00 – 12:30

December 9

10:50 – 12:20

Cover Crops in Corn

Joel Ransom (NDSU), Kelly Cooper (NDSU), Breana Kiser (NDSU Extension Dickey Co.), Pamela Copenhauer (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Crop Management

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Details Matter

Soil Health System Considerations – Lee Briese (Centrol Ag), Angie Johnson (NDSU Extension Steele Co.), Kevin Seitz (NRCS: 0.5 Crop Management

Getting into a Reduced Till System

Aaron Daigh (NDSU), Katelyn Landeis (NDSU Extension Grand Forks Co.), Lance Duey (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Soil and Water

Managing Wet Fields, Ruts and Compaction

Anthony Bly (SDSU), Eric Barsness (SD NRCS), Kelly Leo (NDSU Extension Williams Co.), Brad Jacobs (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Soil and Water

Planting Green with Soybean and Edible Beans

Greg Endres (NDSU), Anitha Chirumamilla (NDSU Extension Cavalier Co.), Aaron Field (NDSU, ND State Soil Conservation Committee), Shelby Larson (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Crop Management

Managing Sodicity

Cheryl Reese (SDSU), Crystal Schaunaman (NDSU Extension McIntosh Co.), Bobbie Ostrum (NRCS), Lance Howe (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Soil and Water 

Low pH Soil Management

Ryan Buetow (NDSU), Mark Liebig (USDA-ARS Mandan, ND), Renae Gress (NDSU Extension Morton Co.), Ruth Anderson (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Soil and Water

Managing Salinity

Naeem Kalwar (NDSU), Kyle Aasand (NDSU Extension Cass Co.), Ryan Thorson (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Soil and Water

Sugar Beets, Cover Crops and Soil Health

Amit Chatterjee (NDSU), Brad Brummond (NDSU Extension Walsh Co.), Rita Sveen (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Crop Management

Compost and Manure Management

Mary Keena (NDSU), Hannah Nordby (NDSU Extension Adams Co.), Ariana Oswald (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Nutrient Management

Fertility in Reduced Till Systems

Dave Franzen (NDSU), Paige Brummond (NDSU Extension Ward Co.), Branden Bott (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Nutrient Management

Managing Weeds in Reduced Till

Joe Ikley (NDSU), Jeff Stachler (NDSU Extension Griggs Co.), Angela Moch (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Integrated Pest Management

Managing Disease in Cover Crop Systems

Andrew Friskop (NDSU), Jill Lagein (NDSU Extension Traill Co.), Jared Andrist (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Integrated Pest Management

Economics for Soil Health Systems

David Ripplinger (NDSU), Randy Grueneich (NDSU Extension Barnes Co.), CJ Cerise (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Professional Development

Interseeding Cover Crops in Corn

Marisol Berti (NDSU), Sheldon Gerhardt (NDSU Extension Logan Co.), Andy Gross (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Crop Management

Cover Crops after Wheat or Barley

Hans Kandel (NDSU), Melissa Seykora (NDSU Extension Sargent Co.), Roberto Luciano (NRCS), Melinda Ferguson (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Crop Management

Managing Livestock when Grazing

Miranda Meehan (NDSU), Rachel Wald (NDSU Extension McHenry Co.), Jody Forman (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Crop Management

Selecting Cover Crops for Grazing

Kevin Sedivec (NDSU), Jeff Gale (NDSU Extension Foster Co.), Loyd Alveshere (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Crop Management

Relay Cropping and Winter Camelina

Russ Gesch (USDA-ARS Morris, MN), Penny Nester (NDSU Extension Kidder Co.), Jessica Elder (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Crop Management

Interseeding with Alfalfa

Marisol Berti (NDSU), Lindsay Maddock (NDSU Extension Wells Co.), John Bauer (NRCS), Jenn Bullinger (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Crop Management


Mike Ostlie (NDSU), Alicia Harstad (NDSU Extension Stutsman Co.), Jesse Mastrian (NRCS) CEU: 0.5 Crop Management

The Root Zone

Sam Banerjee (NDSU), Brenden Klebe (NDSU Extension Pierce Co.), Jerry Wingenbach (NRCS)  CEU: 0.5 Soil and Water

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