As a recognized technology leader based in the Upper Midwest, with offices in Grand Forks and Fargo, HB Sound and Light is proud to offer sponsorship support to applicants in our hometowns and throughout the region. We believe that access to education, arts & culture, and health & fitness opportunities are the building blocks of a strong community.


Priority is given to sponsorships that recognize and uphold general community values, and relate to:

• Education

• Arts and Culture

• Health and Fitness


We look forward to partnering with you, and below have outlined our sponsorship policy:



Proposals must be submitted no fewer than four weeks prior to the event or project. For on-going projects please allow two weeks for review. If there is a need for additional information, HB Sound and Light will contact the organization directly.


Selection Criteria

Applicants will be notified within two weeks of submitting their proposal. Personal interviews to discuss potential projects will be considered after a written application has been received. Those applicants selected for an interview will be notified.


Successful applicants will be expected to sign a letter of agreement for their sponsorship. The agreement or contract will clearly detail the needs and expectations of both parties, the time frame set for the agreement, and an agreed measurement and reporting process for evaluating and reporting the outcomes of the sponsorship, partnership or related support. Only one application needs to be submitted for series events. All applicants must reapply annually for reoccuring or annual events.


Proposals should include the following:

• Description and history of the event or program the applicant wants HB Sound and Light to sponsor.

• Explanation of why HB Sound and Light should sponsor this event and/or program, including sponsorship benefits to HB Sound and Light.

• Audience demographics for event or program.

• Sponsorship levels available (e.g., exclusive, presenting, etc.), including a list of title or other major partners, if applicable.

• Sponsorship levels and costs associated with each level.

• Deadline for sponsorship decision.

• Post-event evaluation process.

• Existing sponsors.


If selected:



Proper crediting of HB Sound and Light is an essential part of this sponsorship. Please ensure that your marketing department, designers, and other staff or volunteers creating marketing materials for your supported engagement read, understand, and adhere to the these requirements. Logos and guidelines can be found here.


We are happy to review your print or digital materials for proper crediting before you go live. Please email them to tricia.lunski@hbsound.com. If you are unable to meet these requirements in any of your print or digital materials, please contact Tricia Lunski at 701-775-1150 to discuss your options. Thank you for properly crediting the program.


HB Sound and Light must receive a copy of printed sponsorship materials, as well as a link to any online material. These examples should demonstrate compliance with the crediting requirements. Examples may include the following:  

Printed programs (on title/cover page)  

Season brochures (preferably on page/section about the engagement)  



•Printed press releases  

•Printed announcements and invitations  

•Printed newspaper and magazine articles

•Any other print materials  

•Website event calendars  

•E-marketing materials and newsletters  

•Digital/online/emailed announcements and invitations  

•Any other digital materials



We encourage you to take photos of the event, performance, and/or community engagement activities. This is highly recommended but not required. HB Sound & Light reserves the right to use the images for educational and promotional purposes, in print, and on websites.


HB Sound and Light must receive written acknowledgment of donation and if applicable, proof of organization's non-profit status.