Company Directory

Dan Christy

Operations Manager & Human Resources

Jimmy Dokken

Grand Forks Showroom Sales & Events

Andrew Dudgeon

Design & Install Engineer

Derek Dudgeon

Design & Install Engineer

Tricia Halvorson Lunski

Marketing Manager

Jordan Humphries

Sales & Marketing

Cory "CJ" Johnson

Commerical Systems Engineer

Darcy Kanta


Aaron "Jr" Laxdal

Event Services Supervisor

Brian Lofthus

Events Coordinator

Jamie Lunski


Jacob Meidinger

Fargo Showroom Sales

Brian Passa

Event Services Lead

Dan Reger

Fargo Design, Sales and Install Manager

Rick Schreier

Grand Forks Admin Coordinator

Rod Shroyer

Grand Forks Showroom Manager

James Whitney

Event Services Technician

Everett Williams

Payroll/Accounts Payable Coordinator

Nathan Zander

Fargo Rental and Showroom Sales Manager

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