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    Things have changed significantly, leave the stubble, plant your cover crop and reseed your next crop in the spring. It's now a proven fact if you leave the remains of your cover crop your next crop will scavenge all the nutrients. Using the JACKHAMMER RADISH is by far the best cover crop for your operation. It's tap root goes deep into the earth which brings up the nutrients for your next planting regardless of what you decide to plant. It's aggressive, breaks up the soil, helps saline ground become more usable, wards off many weeds that are hazardous to your fields, keeps the ground soft for better water penetration and the matter left which is usually 2-4 tons per acre is full of nitrogen and other beneficial nutrients. This is going to increase your yields and keep the forever rising costs down.

    Our JACKHAMMER RADISH is grown in some of the richest soil in the world which creates a healthy and aggressive seed that does what it's supposed to do. We take great pride in providing you with the best genetically proven seed available. We have many many years of farming and cover crop experience in our team and are willing to share and help you make the decisions that will help your farming operation. Thank you again for visiting our website if you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail us at any time, we are here to serve you and direct you to one of our many professional distributors in your area, Thank you once more and successful farming to all.